Since the age of thirteen, my photography has focused on changing the perspectives of how we view the world around us in the hopes of ending stereotypes and misperceptions. When photographing, I typically use my Konica Minolta 35mm SLR camera and rolls of Portra color film and Tri-X black and white film.

Being born in the digital age of the 90’s, I began in digital photography and gravitated toward film. My workflow fuses traditional film photography and state-of-the-art digital printing. My photographs are printed on archival matte paper. I enjoy combining photographic generations to obtain the best both worlds have to offer.

As an openly gay photographer, I began in self portraiture and grew to photographing annual Gay Pride celebrations. Skilled in both Mandarin and American Sign Language (ASL), I work in multiple communities. I have traveled to China to do documentary photography, and continue to photograph and work with clients in the New York/New Jersey region.

(Photo to right is a self portrait, 2013)